Sopro ZR 618 Rapid-Drying Waterproof Membrane

Sopro Flexible, high-coverage, rapid-drying, reactive, two-component, cementitious waterproof membrane. For waterproofing elements in contact with soil to DIN 18 533 Part 3 and for waterproofing tanks to DIN 18 535 Part 3 (formerly DIBt Construction Products List and ZDB data sheet).


Long-term protection of elements in contact with soil to DIN 18 533 Part 3 for following applications: W1-E 1) “Ground moisture and water without hydrostatic pressure”, W2.1-E 1,2) “Moderate water pressure action”, W3-E 1,2) “Water without hydrostatic pressure acting on buried suspended slabs” and W4-E 1) “Splash water acting on plinths and capillary water in and below buried walls”.

For waterproofing external basement walls, applied to existing bitumen waterproofings and tar coatings, as a horizontal damp-proof membrane on ground slabs, as a horizontal damp-proof course, as negative-side (internal) membrane, for bonding of insulation and protective boards, for bonding and sealing at light well junctions.

For installation of waterproof membranes in tanks to DIN 18 535 Part 3, for W1-B and W2-B 3) “Up to 10 m water head” applications (formerly Moisture Exposure Class B to Construction Products List). For waterproofing process water tanks, fountains and planters, and in landscape architecture.

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Featured Benefits of Sopro ZR 618 Rapid-Drying Waterproof Membrane

• Rainproof after only approx. 3 hours
• Highly flexible, crack-bridging after only approx. 6 hours
• Withstands 2.5 bar water pressure after only approx. 6 hours
• Backfilling possible after only approx. 6 hours
• Also suitable for application to cold and slightly damp substrates
• For installation of stepped and L-shaped damp-proof courses in cavity walls
• Water-vapour-permeable, UV-resistant, overcoatable and suitable as plastering/ rendering background
• Visual drying control through colour change
• For brush, roller, trowel and spray application
• For walls and floors, indoors and outdoors
• Low-chromate to Regulation (EC) No 1907/2006, Annex XVII.

Technical Details for Sopro ZR 618 Rapid-Drying Waterproof Membrane

Very high coverage – approx. 1.2 kg/m² per mm coat thickness

Available in 20 kg container – 18 to a pallet – pallet weight 360kg

Protect from frost. Click for more on the SMET range of tanking and tiling.