Sopro Rapidur® FE 678 Self Levelling Screed

Sopro Rapidur® FE 678 Self Levelling Screed is a polymer-modified, rapid-set, low-shrinkage (dimensionally stable) ready-to-use dry mix based on a special ternary binder system, for production of rapid-set screeds installed to DIN 18560 and BS 8204-7, allowing early floor covering installation, produced to DIN EN 13 813 classification CT-C25-F5-A12 after 28 days. Suitable for heated screeds, bonded screeds and unbonded screeds (on separating or insulation layer).

Used as base for all types of floor covering, e. g. ceramic, natural stone, textile and elastic flooring. Particularly useful for fast-track or tightly scheduled screed laying. Ready-to-use dry mix with special binders and additives for production of rapid-set, self-levelling cement screeds to DIN 18560 allowing early flooring installation. Incorporates raw materials subject to strict quality control. Grading 0-4 mm. No extra sand needs to be added on site. Excellent workability and hardened mortar properties thanks to Mikrodur® technology. Low-chromate to regulation (EC) No. 1907/2006, Annex XVII.)ed laying.

For the production of self-levelling, rapid-set cement screeds based on DIN 18560, allowing early flooring installation. For heated screeds, bonded screeds and unbonded screeds (on separating or insulation layer). For mastic asphalt screed substrates, installation on separating layer is required. Suitable for a wide range of slimline heating systems. Also suitable as directly usable finished floor surface, e.g. in cellar spaces, grindable. For indoor use only.

Coat thickness for bonded screeds: 20–70 mm
Coat thickness on separating layer: 35–70 mm
Coat thickness on insulation layer: 35*–70 mm

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NBSplus NBS Specification Clause

Benefits of Sopro Rapidur® FE 678 Self Levelling Screed

• Ready for tiling: after approx. 24 hours
• Self-levelling
• Can be polished
• Ready to use – dry mix
• For fast-track or tightly scheduled screed laying
• Working life: 60 – 90 minutes
• Walkable: after approx. 3 hours
• Ideal for renovation and refurbishment
• Suitable for floor heating systems
• Pumpable – efficient application on large projects
• For indoor use
• Extra-Low shrinkage
• Low-chromate to Regulation 1907/2006 EC, Annex XVII
• CE Marked
• EMICODE system of GEV (German Association for control of Emissions in Products for Flooring Installation): EC1PLUS R (‘very-low-emission-plus’) rating

Technical Data for Sopro Rapidur® FE 678 Self Levelling Screed

Mixing Ratio Approx. 3.0 ltr water: 25 kg Sopro Rapidur® FE 678; when used on slimline heating systems,
amount of water added may be increased to approx. 3.1 ltr.
Take care to ensure exact proportioning of water.
Pot Life 60 – 90 mins
Walkable After approx. 3 hours
Ready to Recieve covering Depending on screed thickness, ready for tiling at earliest after 24 hours
Classification CT-C25-F5-A12 to DIN EN 13813
Specified Times Apply for normal temperature range of +23 °C and 50% relative humidity; higher tempera­tures shorten and lower temperatures lengthen these times.
Application Temperature Between +5 °C and max. +25 °C (substrate, air, material)
Coverage 19–20 kg/m² per cm coat thickness; 1,900–2,000 kg/m³
25 kg bag of Sopro Rapidur® FE 678 mixed with 3.0 ltr water yields approx. 13 ltr fresh mortar
Flow Table Value 18.5–19.5 cm (Vicat ring to DIN 1164; size: internal diameter 65 mm at the top and 75 mm at the bottom,
height 40 mm; on suitable, dry, clean glass plate)

Available in 25kg bags, 42 bags per pallet – available from SMET.

Check out the super demonstration of a commercial fast track renovation job where Rapidur® FE 678 Self Levelling Screed FE laid and tiled in three days:

* As special construction described in IWM e.V. (German Association of Factory-Made Mortar Manufacturers) data sheet “Self-levelling cement screeds”, for vertical live loads ≤ 2 kN/m². For smaller coat thicknesses or higher live loads, please contact our Technical Service team.