UZIN PE 480 – DPM 2-component epoxy Damp Proof Membrane

2-component epoxy DPM and primer on absorbent and nonabsorbent substrates with very high rising and residual moisture prior to floor covering, wood flooring and tiling work. For interior and exterior use.

CONSUMPTION: 250 – 500 g/m² per coat (At 20 °C and 65% relative humidity. See “Application Chart in TDS”)


  • a DPM on cementitious & gypsum based screeds, to a maximum rising and residual moisture value of 99.9% RH*r
  • as a resin binder mixed with dry sand to produce a reaction resin mortar for subfloor repairs
  • warm water underfloor heating systems
  • for exposure to castor wheels in accordance with DIN EN 12 529
  • UZIN PE 480 can be used as a moisture barrier for areas with very high moisture content up to 99.9% RH (1 coat)*. Note: Ground-baring moisture-sensitive subfloors, e.g.calcium sulphate- or magnesia- screeds, wood, etc. must not be barrier-coated.


UZIN PE 480 is a high-quality epoxy resin primer, that hardens, in contrast to many other epoxy resins, on wet substrates. Can be used as a 1 or 2 coat surface moisture membrane. For interior and exterior use.

  • Water, chemical and frost-resistant
  • Solvent-free
  • Excellent covering and filling capacity
  • Can be used on wet substrates


  • hardener primer for weak, porous or cracked substrates bonding primer prior to installation with levelling compounds
  • Epoxy mortar when mixed with UZIN XS 3.2 special filler primer prior to bonding work with epoxy, PUR or silane-based adhesives

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Technical Details for UZIN PE 480 DPM 2-component epoxy Damp Proof Membrane – see TDS above

Packaging: Available in 5kg and 10kg units.