Floor Renovation, Private Home, Holywood, Co. Down


Job: Floor Renovation, Private Home, Holywood, Co. Down
Smet Partner:
Stoneyford Concrete / Fast Floor Screed Ltd
Products: CASEA Sudanit 300 Anhydrite Binder

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In order to renovate an existing timber suspended floor with the inclusion of underfloor heating, insulation boards were placed between the floor joists. Joints were carefully taped and underfloor heating pipes installed. In order to maximise floor to ceiling height, the screed was installed only 20mm above the timber joists, covering the UFH pipes by 30mm. This was possible by using Stoneyford Alpha-Flow, liquid screed produced with Sudanit 300 Calcium Sulphate Binder and reinforced with fibreglass mesh. Another fine example of SMET partnership in bringing European Innovation.