Streetscape® BS 7533 Compliant Mortars, Portland Avenue


Job: Portland Avenue,  Glengormley
Smet Supported Partner: FP McCann
Products: Streetscape® BS 7533 Compliant materials

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SMET supplied a range of Streetscape® BS 7533 compliant materials including; Streetscape® High Strength Bedding Concrete ECO, Streetscape® Rapid-Set Jointing Mortar ECO and priming mortar to Smet Supported Partners, FP McCann, who managed the streetscape regeneration of the busy retail area of Portland Avenue in Glengormley.  The natural beauty of the stone paving compliments the modern aspect of the newly constructed hardscaping.  The SMET Streetscape® portfolio complies with the rigorous requirements of BS 7533 with all products undergoing independent testing and certification to confirm compliance.  By providing a superior level of customer service and focused aftercare to their Smet Supported Partners, Smet Building Products Ltd, with the Streetscape® brand, demonstrates best-practice in Streetscape construction partnerships.