30 houses in Someren with EasylationWall

Job: 30 houses in Someren
 M van Der Looy
Product: EasylationWall EWI

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M van der Looy installed the stunning, easy-to-use,industry-leading EWI technology based on brick slips on thirty houses in Someren in the Netherlands. SMET partner, EasylationWall supplied the complete system in 2015.

EasylationWall is the latest in innovative, easy-to-use, stunning, industry-leading EWI technology based on brick slips, utilising natural stone or ceramics. EasylationWall is innovative in every aspect; from the method of installation, materials used, the speed of application, to the achievable energy standards – all of which distinguish themselves from all other EWI systems.

EasylationWall can be installed in new-builds and renovation projects and is also very suited to off-site construction systems such as timber-frame, steel-frame and prefab-concrete construction. Contact SMET if you would like a demonstration, or to discuss your specific renovation, self-build or Passive House project.