SMET One Coat Projection Plaster | Machine Applied | New Build

Job: Private Build
Location: Meath, Ireland
SMET Products Used

 TDS SMET One Coat Projection Plaster HC

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SMET One Coat Projection Plaster HC 9-20mm Hard Coat Gypsum Plaster is a factory-produced Hard Coat One Coat Gypsum Plaster designed for machine application produced to EN 13279-1. One of the many Machine Applied SMET Plasters and SMET Internal Paints. It is manufactured from a controlled blend of selected gypsum and other components to give a high-quality, high-strength plastering product that is suitable for use in internal plastering. The unique properties of this render make it suitable for application on low, medium, and high-density blockwork substrates.

Benefits of SMET One Coat Projection Plaster

    • One coat machine application
    • High strength
    • Perfect workability
    • Perfect smooth finish in one coat
    • High whiteness index
    • Sustainable
    • Application up to 20mm in one pass
    • DIN EN 13279-1, B1


One of the many Machine Applied SMET Plasters job and SMET Internal Paints. SMET is committed to delivering consistently superior quality, German-made Render Systems to Plastering and Rendering Contractors across the UK and ROI.