SMET One Coat Projection Plaster – a 9-20mm Hard Coat Gypsum Plaster

SMET One Coat Projection Plaster HC is a factory-produced Hard Coat One Coat Gypsum Plaster designed for machine application produced to EN 13279-1. One of the many Machine Applied SMET Plasters and SMET Internal Paints. It is manufactured from a controlled blend of selected gypsum and other components to give a high-quality, high-strength plastering product that is suitable for use in internal plastering. The unique properties of this render make it suitable for application on low, medium, and high-density blockwork substrates.

Benefits of SMET One Coat Projection Plaster

  • One coat machine application
  • High strength
  • Perfect workability
  • Perfect smooth finish in one coat
  • High whiteness index
  • Sustainable
  • Application up to 20mm in one pass
  • DIN EN 13279-1, B1

A One-Coat Projection Plaster HC for walls constructed out of low, medium, and high-density blockwork and any other masonry substrate. The product’s special composition allows the product to be applied in one coat application. SMET One Coat Projection Plaster HC should only be applied to mature stable surfaces. A minimum of one month should be allowed following completion of the wall construction before plaster application commences. In slow drying situations, a longer interval should be allowed. All substrates must be clean, sound, and dust-free as the plaster relies on a combination of suction and surface texture to achieve a bond. The recommendations set out in EN 13914- 1:2005 and BS 5262:1991 should be followed. It is essential that all steps are taken to ensure that a satisfactory bond is achieved between the render and the substrate.

Instructions for SMET One Coat Projection Plaster

SMET One Coat can be applied using all suitable spray rendering machines (e.g., Ritmo, G4, G5, m3, S48, MP25, SP11) and can be transported on all pneumatic conveyor systems. In case of great unevenness in the substrate (e.g., rough stone masonry) the recesses require dubbing out. On high absorbent or non-absorbent substrates, it is essential to apply primer prior to plastering. When the plaster is partially set, finish to the desired finish using a steel float. The open time, after mixing, is approximately 2 ½ hours. However, the open time greatly depends on the consistency of the plaster, the ambient temperature, and the absorbency of the substrate.

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Technical Details for SMET One Coat Projection Plaster

Standard EN 13279-1 B1/50/2
Compressive Strength ≥ 5.0 N/mm²
Flexural Strength ≥ 1.5 N/mm²
Minimum Thickness 9mm
Maximum Thickness 20mm
Yield 9.5 kg/m² per 10mm

approx. 2.6 m² per 25kg bag @ 10mm

Open time 2.5 hours
Shore Hardness C 80
Reaction To Fire A1
Grain Size <1.5 mm

Available in 25kg bags.

SMET has a wide range of machine-applied plasters available for any plastering contractor’s building requirement.  Try also our popular Casuplast 1200 Lightweight One Coat Gypsum Plaster. For a detailed application example demo – watch one of our Smet Supported Partners – machine applying CASEA Casuplast 1200 in SMET youtube clip: