Lidl Store Bakery Extension, Gorey, Co Wexford

CASEA Bauprotec 900 E / Edston Construction


Job: Lidl Store Bakery Extension, Gorey, Co Wexford
Edston Construction
Product: Bauprotec 900 E

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Bauprotec 900 E is a CE Marked, factory produced Light Weight Lime Cement Render specially designed for hand and machine application produced to EN 998-1: 2003. This render was selected for the façade solution for the bakery extension at the existing store located in Belfast.  Smet Supported Partner and selected contractor, Edston Construction spray applied the Lightweight CE marked Lime Cement Render, produced to EN 998-1: 2003, internally and to the external facade.  The special render properties; light weight, low thermal conductivity, high yield and superior technical back up provided from Smet to their Supported Partners, were the key factors in choosing Smet Building Products in the delivery of CASEA’s high quality product.