Private House Large Format Tiles with Sopro FKM® Silver rapid set and DF 10 Designer Flexible Tile Grout

D Morrison Tiling Services / Sopro DF 10 Designer Grout / Sopro FKM® Silver 600 Extra Rapid Set Tile Adhesive
Job: Large Format Tiles in Private House Newry
Smet Supported Partner:
D Morrison Tiling Services
Products:  Sopro DF 10 Flexible Designer Tile Grout

Sopro FKM Silver 600 Extra Rapid Tile Adhesive

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SMET supplied Sopro DF 10 Flexible Designer Tile Grout and Sopro FKM Silver 600 Extra Rapid Tile Adhesive to David Morrison, for the tiling of this private house in Newry Co Down using the SMET large format tile fixing method.

Sopro FKM® Silver 600 Extra Rapid Set Tile Adhesive is a universal, silver-grey, multi-purpose, high-coverage, rapid-set, highly polymer modified, cementitious flexible tile adhesive with Rhenish trass. For installation of ceramic coverings and discoloration-sensitive natural stone tiles on all substrates. With high crystalline water binding capacity. For large-format fully vitrified stoneware wall and floor coverings. The adhesive is also Suitable for use in conjunction with underfloor heating.

Sopro DF 10® Flexible Designer Tile Grout is a strong, flexible, rapid-set, cementitious tile grout, meeting CG2 WA requirements to DIN EN 13 888, for grouting all types of ceramic and natural stone coverings to produce brilliantly coloured, lime-film-free finish. With low-chromate to Regulation (EC) No 1907/2006, Annex XVII.

SMET delivers another innovative, flooring solution to their Smet Supported Partners. Click this link to see the Professional Tiling range at SMET.

DF 10 is available in 10 kg bucket; 5 kg bucket  6 no. in box) Glitter: 100 g bag (10 no. in box)

FKM Silver is available in 25kg bags with 40 bags per pallet (and 5kg bags).