C and D Foods, Longford Rapid Drying flooring solution with Rapidur® B5

Job: C and D Foods
Smet Supported Partner:
B Doherty Screeding Services
Product: Sopro Rapidur® B5 Rapid Drying Screed Binder

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New floor installation with fast-track – rapid drying floor screed solution, laid to falls – allowing early final flooring installation. SMET supplied Sopro Rapidur® B5 Rapid Drying Screed Binder to Smet Supported Partner, Brendan Doherty Screeding Services, for the flooring renovation of the busy factory environment of C and D foods in Longford.  B Doherty Screeding is a highly skilled work-force dedicated to the supply and fit of screed flooring both rapid set and traditional.  Supported by SMET means, B Doherty Screeding, bring you the latest innovations in high-performance screeding solutions, techniques, and developments in screeding laying- meaning no job is too big or small or technical to challenge and renovate.

German made Rapidur® B5 Rapid Drying Screed Binder, is a special polymer-modified binder for particularly economical ­production of high-strength, rapid-set cement screed – based on DIN 18560 – allowing early floor installation. Rapidur® B5 is suitable for use on heated screeds, bonded screeds, unbonded screeds and floating screeds. This flooring solution is particularly useful for fast-track or tightly scheduled screed laying. The newly laid Rapidur® B5 screed floor is ready to receive floor covering after approx. 3 days – after achievement of moisture content ≤ 1.8 % CM. Sopro Rapidur® B5 is supplied in 25kg bags, with 40 bags per pallet. SMET delivers another innovative, showcase flooring solution to their Smet Supported Partners.

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