Latest Innovation- Floor Master Laser-Guided Screed Robot

Fantastic – check out our contractor’s new helper, a Floor Master Laser-Guided Screed Robot!  😁

B Doherty Laser Guided Robot_short vid 15 seconds


💪 Better back health, increasing site health and wellness.
👊 Avoiding many occupational hip and knee conditions.
🌞 Boosting team morale.
✅ This wee Buddy just keeps going 24/7!
💡Eliminates sand & cement laying issues.
⚡Automated laser leveling.
€ So efficient – saves time and money.

Click here for the brochure and more technical info.

📢📢 “The CLAPA Floor Master Robot was designed to eliminate the most often complaints in laying cement sand and concrete screeds i.e. shrinkage cracks, cupping effect at the expansion joints and corners, and too low compressive and shear strength.”

Thanks to our Smet Supported Partner, B. Doherty Screeding Ltd Brendan for the innovation, delivery, and training.

For enquiries in UK & Ireland, contact us here at SMET🌞

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☎+353 (0) 1697 8586

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