Lidl Scarborough | Plunkett Tiling Contractors | Sopro RS 648 Vibration Slurry

Job: New Lidl Store, Scarborough, UK
Smet Supported Partner: Plunkett Tiling Contractors
SMET Product Used:

Sopro RS 648 Vibration Slurry

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Sopro RS 648 Vibration Slurry was selected for the LIDL tiling system method of vibro-compaction fixing of 600x600x15 porcelain floor tiles, in the new LIDL in Scarborough in the UK. Smet Supported Partner, Plunkett Tiling Contractors, selected the superior quality German-made, RS 648 Vibration Slurry, for its flexibility as a bonding slurry for the installation of stone and ceramic coverings, making it ideal for using in vibrated floor systems (or indeed conventional methods).

In preparing the floor to LIDL spec, the floor screed is placed and struck off to required levels and pre-compacted using a straight edge. The bonding layer, namely Sopro RS 648 vibration slurry is applied to prepared and pre-compacted floor screed and ceramic tiles are immediately placed with tightly butted joints to LIDL spec.

After installation of a vibratable area (10 – 20 m², depending on situation/ambient conditions and resultant setting behaviour of floor screed), a surface vibrator is passed over floor covering and tiles vibrated into adhesive bed.  When sufficiently set, hardened and bonded joints are grouted*.

Sopro RS 648 Vibration Slurry is a one-component, fibre-reinforced, polymer-modified, trass-bearing, cementitious bonding and contact slurry. Applied as flexible bonding slurry for installation of stone and ceramic coverings using vibrated floor system or conventional methods. It’s ideal for slurry application technique. Sopro RS 648 is particularly suitable for laying tiles with low water absorption (fully vitrified stoneware). For laying large-format units (30 cm × 60 cm) using vibrated floor system. Also, it can be used as slurry-applied bonding layer on substrates and on bedding adhesive.

The product’s special properties and SMETs superior technical backup, are key factors in choosing Sopro RS 648 Vibration Slurry. Smet Building Products Ltd is committed to delivering high-quality products to the construction of LIDL stores.

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*We always recommend grouting with Sopro FL 526 Flexible Tile grout in the required colour.