Streetscape® High Strength Bedding Concrete ECO

A superior quality polymer modified High-Strength Bedding Concrete, manufactured under an ISO 9001 quality controlled environment; using dried sands, recycled aggregates, lime, cement and additives specially designed to meet or exceed the requirements of BS 7533 part 7:2010.

The product is used for bedding natural stone flags, cobbles and setts, clay and concrete pavers in a rigid construction.

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Featured Benefits Streetscape® High Strength Bedding Concrete ECO

• Complies with BS 7533 part 7:2010
• Up to 20% Recycled Aggregates
• Long term  durability
• Consistently high quality
• High early strengths
• Available in 25kg bags and site silos

Technical Details Streetscape® High Strength Bedding Concrete ECO

Streetscape®: High-Strength Bedding Concrete ECO
Compressive Strength (BS EN 1015-11) 43 N/mm²
Adhesion Strength (with Priming Slurry) (BS EN 1015-12) > 2.0 N/mm²
Modulus Of Elasticity (DIN 18555-6) 16,000 N/mm²
Shrinkage (BS EN 445) < 0.1%
Density 1900 kg/m³
Flexural Strength (BS EN 1015-11) 8.4 N/mm²
Maximum Thickness 75mm (applied in a single pass)
Minimum Thickness 10mm
Use (External Use) Yes
Use (Internal Use) Yes
Yield Approx 2.1-2.2kg/mm/m² (1 bag = approximately 0.25m2)
Recommend water content 8 – 10%
Pot life Maximum 60 minutes depending on ambient conditions
Hardening Time (before foot traffic) 12 hours
Hardening Time (before vehicle traffic) 24 hours (depending on site conditions)

Available in 25kg bags and site silos. Contact SMET for details of silo placement.

SMET carries a wide range of Streetscape® High Strength Bedding ConcretePriming Slurry, Rapid Set Jointing Mortar ECOStreetscape® Grouts and Sealants for convenient application and compliance to BS 7533.