CASEA Bauprotec FLP – Lightweight Fibre Render

CASEA Bauprotec FLP – Lightweight Fibre Render is a factory produced highly efficient lightweight mineral lime cement render produced to EN 998-1, specially designed for high insulating masonry for interior and exterior use with excellent working properties.

Bauprotec FLP – Lightweight Fibre Render is water-repellent and consists of hydrated lime, cement, sands, lightweight aggregates, fibres and additives to improve its workability. Bauprotec FLP is specially formulated for machine application, however, a manual application is also possible.

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Benefits of CASEA Bauprotec FLP – Lightweight Fibre Render

• Designed for High Insulating Masonry
• Machine or Hand Application
• High Yield
• Weather Resistant
• CE Marked
• EN 998-1:2003


Technical Details for Bauprotec FLP – Lightweight Fibre Render

Designation CS II as per DIN EN 998
Compressive Strength approx. > 2.5 N/mm²
Flexural Strength approx. 1.0 N/mm²
Modulus Of Elasticity approx. 2.5 kN/ mm²
Water Vapour Permeability μ ≤ 15
Adhesion ≥ 0.08 N/mm² A, B or C
Thermal Conductivity (tabular values) λ10, dry,mat ≤ 0.22 W/(mK) at P=50%

λ10, dry,mat ≤ 0.25 W/(mK) at P=90%

Delivery approx. 1,000 l/t; approx 67 m² @ 15mm; approx. 2.0 m² per 30kg bag
Yield 15 kg/m² @ 15mm
Water Demand approx. 8 l per 30kg bag
Capillary Water Absorption W1 as per DIN EN 998
Dry Bulk Density < 1000 kg/m³

Available in 30kg bags, 42 per pallet.