Sopro Marble Silicone

Sopro Marble Silicone is a neutral-curing silicone sealant for elastic filling of perimeter and movement joints in marble and other natural stone finishes, ceramic and cast stone coverings, and for grouting window sills. Also suitable for low-stress grouting of all joints in outdoor coverings with large-format units, and for cooking modules and kitchen worktops (marble/natural stone) in food-processing facilities.

Sopro Marble Silicone is a ready-to-use, sprayable, neutral-curing, oxime-free silicone sealant with fungistatic properties, which is subject to continuous quality monitoring. After curing, silicone sealant is elastic and resistant to weathering, ageing and UV radiation. It does not react with fresh cement.

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Featured Benefits of Sopro Marble Silicone

  •  For all types of natural stone
  •  Neutral-curing
  •  Good adhesion to joint faces
  • Suitable for bonding mirrors
  • Excellent smoothing properties
  • No migration staining around edges
  • Fungistatic to DIN EN ISO 846
  • Tested for food compatibility
  • Resistant to weathering, ageing, and UV radiation
  • Colours offering a perfect match for Sopro tile grouts
  • DGNB (German Sustainable Building Council): Top quality level 4, Line 12
  • Recommended by Sentinel Haus Institut

Technical Details for Sopro Marble Silicone

Skin formation approx. 10 minutes in ambient conditions
Curing Approx. 2 mm/24 hours
Temperature resistance (fully cured) -20 °C to +120 °C
Application temperature Between +5 °C and +35 °C
Specified times Apply for normal temperature range of +23 °C and 50 % relative humidity; higher values shorten and lower values lengthen these times.
Movement accommodation/contraction Max. 20 % of joint width
Joint width : depth ratio 5 mm/5 mm; 6 mm/6 mm; 8 mm/8 mm; 10 mm/8 mm; 12 mm/8 mm; 15 mm/10 mm.
Colour 790 transparent 00; 791 white 10; 891 light grey 16; 792 silver grey 17; 793 grey 15; 899 stone grey 22; 799 concrete grey 14; 795 sand grey 18; 796 light beige 29; 842 beige 32; 794 jura beige 33; 798 anthracite 66; 797 black 90
Coverage 3.1 m/cartridge for 10 mm/10 mm joints.

As specified in IVD (German Sealant Manufacturers’ Association) data sheet no. 3

Recommended Tools and Cleaning Gun, silicone smoother; clean tools with universal thinner or Sopro GM 026 smoothing agent immediately after use; mechanical cleaning required when set.
Shelf life Approx. 12 months, subject to storage in original unopened containers; 7 days once opened; store in cool, dry conditions
Packaging Cartridge 310 ml (Nr 12 in a box)

Packaging: Cartridge 310 ml (12 no. in a box)

1) Meets microbiological criteria under test method of Chemisches Laboratorium Dr. Stegemann and requirements of German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR) for volatile organic compounds and extractables.
2) Based on DGNB (German Sustainable Building Council) criterion “ENV1.2 Local Environmental Impact” (2015 version).
3) Trial application is recommended for timber substrates, especially where these are heavily exposed to water.
4) As specified in IVD (German Sealant Manufacturers’ Association) data sheet no. 3