Clean Wall® DEEP PLUS Primer

Clean Wall® DEEP PLUS Primer is a ready to use, solvent-free, diffusible, capillary-compatible plaster hardener without the addition of preservatives for critical substrates such as sanding, porous or highly absorbent plasters as well as for gypsum and gypsum plasterboards and old, chalking paints of dispersion paints, primers for heavy wallpapers and composite boards, also suitable for poorly ventilated rooms.

Suitable substrates Clean Wall® DEEP PLUS Primer

Suitable substrates inc stonework, exposed stonework, plaster, concrete, glass fibre fabric, woodchip, non-woven and embossed wallpaper, dispersion, mineral and silicate paints. The substrate must be clean, dry and load-bearing. The guidelines of VOB, Part C, DIN 18 363, Paragraphs 2 and 3 must be observed. Non-adhesive old coats must be completely removed. Pretreat algae and mould chemically and remove all residues. Remove dust, loose plaster parts, old non-sticky coatings and sintered layers. Clean intact old coats. Only begin to coat new, highly alkaline plasters after 4 weeks. Isolate expected breakthroughs based on nicotine or other substances in advance. On chalking, old paintwork and highly absorbent mineral surfaces (e.g. plasters, gypsum planks), apply a primer with a water-thinnable deep primer.

Application Clean Wall® DEEP PLUS Primer

DEEP PLUS can be applied with a roller, brush or airless device. In most cases, a one-time painting is sufficient. Ready to use and drip-resistant. Stir gently before use and use undiluted. After drying, the product is fully covering. Too early reworking may lead to the formation of differences in opacity (danger of stripes, especially in the ceiling area.) To avoid streaks coat wet-on-wet in one action. Processing and drying not at temperatures below + 5 °C and/or relative humidity > 60 %. To ensure uniform colour, only use materials with the same batch number and mixing proportions on one surface. Always carry out a test application before use. Contact SMET technical for advice.

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Technical Details for Clean Wall® DEEP PLUS Primer

 Colour Blueish-transparent
Specific weight 1.01 kg/l
Base Pure acrylic hydrosol
pH value 10.5
Dilution Ready to use and drip-resistant.
Normally use undiluted.
If necessary, dilute with max. 66 % of water.
Consumption Approx. 150 ml/m² depending on substrate.
Exact consumption values for the calculation must be determined on the object.
Application Application Painting, rolling or spraying
Airless spraying Nozzle 0.007-0.009 inch = 0.18-0.23 mm
Pressure: 150 bar, spraying angle: 50°
Drying It can be recoated after approx. 8 h at 20 ° and 65 % relative humidity. The drying time is extended at low temperatures and/or high humidity.
Storage DEEP Plus should be used within 12 months if stored cool, frost-free and dry in closed containers
Safety instructions See CASEA safety data sheet
GISCODE: BSW 10 obsolete: M-GF01
EU threshold value for this product (Cat. A/h): 30 g/l (2010).
This product contains max. 0.4 g/l VOC.

Available in canisters: In 5 l and 10 l canisters.

CLEAN WALL® – available from SMET, is a groundbreaking product system, unparalleled in the market, aimed at clients who seek holistic solutions for their new-build or refurbishment project. Co-ordinated components cover everything from priming and preparation to Clean Wall® paints – delivering superior-quality stunningly beautiful internal and external wall finishes.