CASEA Casuplast 1000 – One Coat Gypsum Machine Plaster

CASEA Casuplast 1000 is a factory produced One Coat Gypsum Machine Plaster designed for machine application produced to DIN EN 13279-1. It is manufactured from a controlled blend of selected aggregates, gypsum and other components to give a high-quality plastering product which is suitable for use in internal plastering. The unique properties of this render make it suitable for application on low, medium and high-density substrates.

CASEA Casuplast 1000 is suitable for walls made out of low, medium and high-density blockwork and any other masonry substrate. The product’s special composition allows the product to be applied in a  one-coat application.

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Benefits of CASEA Casuplast 1000 – One-Coat Gypsum Machine Plaster

• One coat machine application
• High Yield
• Easy to work with
• Sustainable
• Application up to 15mm in one pass
• DIN EN 13279-1, B4

Technical Details for CASEA Casuplast 1000 – One-Coat Gypsum Machine Plaster

Yield 1000 l per 1000 kg
Standard MG P IVa acc. to DIN 18550; B4

acc. to EN 13279-1

Compressive Strength ≥ 2.5 N/mm²
Flexural Strength ≥ 1.0  N/mm²
Modulus of Elasticity < 2 kN/mm²
Average minimum thickness 10mm
Consumption 100 m² @ 10mm per tonne;

3.0 m² per 30kg bag

Water Demand Approx 15 l per 30kg bag
Thermal Conductivity λR = 0.36 W/mK
Water Vapour Permeability μ < 8
Grain Size 0 – 1 mm

For a detailed application demo – watch one of our Smet Supported Partners – machine applying CASEA Casuplast 1200 in SMET youtube clip.

Available in 30kg bags, 35 per pallet.