Clean Wall® Ambiente Internal Wall Paint

AMBIENTE is an odourless indoor wall paint with high opacity and free from solvents, plasticisers and fogging active substances.  AMBIENTE is suitable for ceilings and walls on woodchip, fleece and embossed wallpapers, plaster, concrete, polystyrene, plasterboard, etc. indoors, especially for sensitive areas such as doctor’s practices, offices, nursery schools, shops, hospitals, food trade, schools, residential areas, etc.

Suitable Substrates for Clean Wall® AMBIENTE – Internal Wall Paint

The surface should be clean, dry and viable. Observe the guidelines of VOB (Construction Tendering and Contract Regulations), part C, DIN 18 363, sec. 2 and 3. Remove non-adhesive old paints completely. Treat algae and mould chemically and remove residues. Remove dust, loose parts of plaster, old, non-sticking coatings and sinter layers. Clean intact old paint layers. Resistant against alkaline substrates, but wait 4 weeks before coating new, highly alkaline plasters. Insulate expected penetrations on the basis of nicotine or other substances beforehand. Prime chalky old paints and highly absorbing mineral surfaces (e.g. plasters, gypsum blocks) with a water-dilutable deep sealer.

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Technical Details for Clean Wall® AMBIENTE – Internal Wall Paint

Colour Bright Bright white, matt
Specific weight 1.42-1.46 kg/l
Base Acrylate dispersion, mineral
pH value 10.5-11.4
sd[m] value  0.02
Dilution The product is ready to use and anti-drip.
To be used undiluted in normal applications.
If required, dilute with max. 5 % of water.
Consumption Approx. 125-150 ml/m2, depending on the surface type. Determine the exact consumption for the calculation on the object.
Application Brush, roller or spray
Airless spraying Nozzle 0.021-0.026 inch = 0.53-0.66 mm
Pressure: 150-180 bar, spraying angle: 50°
Drying Paintable after approx. 12 h, hard-dried after 2-3 days. At lower temperatures and/or higher humidity, the drying time is
Wet rub resistance Class 2 according to DIN EN 13300 corresponds to abrasion resistance according to DIN 53778
Contrast ratio (hiding power) Class 1 according to DIN EN 13300 with a spreading rate
of 7 m2/l.

Available in Buckets: 5 and 12.5 l buckets

Clean Wall®_Healthy Living System_available in the UK & ROI from SMET

Clean Wall®_Healthy Living System_available in the UK & ROI from SMET

CLEAN WALL® – available from SMET, is a groundbreaking product system, unparalleled in the market, aimed at clients who seek holistic solutions for their new-build or refurbishment project. Co-ordinated components cover everything from priming and preparation to paints – delivering superior-quality stunningly beautiful internal and external wall finishes.