Sopro AFS 561 CA Levelling Compound

Sopro AFS 561 CA Levelling Compound is a white, pumpable, flow-applied, self-levelling, rapid-set, alpha-hemihydrate-based filler used to level out gypsum-based/calcium sulphate-based (anhydrite and self-levelling anhydrite) screeds and board subfloors and to produce smooth, level, unbroken surfaces for subsequent laying of all kinds of flooring, e. g. ceramic, natural stone, textile and elastic coverings. The product can also be used on mastic asphalt and is suitable for floor heating systems. Optimum flow qualities by Superplasticizer (high performance liquefier).

Sopro AFS 561 CA Levelling Compound is a low-stress, flow-applied, alpha-hemihydrate-based filler used to produce smooth, unbroken surfaces for subsequent laying of floor coverings.  The product can be used on calcium sulphate-based (anhydrite and self-levelling anhydrite) screeds, gypsum-based screeds, alpha-hemihydrate-based screeds, cavity floor systems and board (e. g. gypsum plasterboard or gypsum fibreboard) subfloors. Also for use with cement screeds, magnesium oxychloride (magnesite) screeds and concrete. Particularly suitable as floor-levelling compound for mastic asphalt screeds. Sopro AFS 561 is only suitable for dry interiors. Building elements in contact with ground shall be waterproofed/damp-proofed by others in accordance with relevant standards.

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Benefits of Sopro AFS 561 CA Levelling Compound

• Coat thickness: 1–30 mm, for thickness upwards of 10 mm may be extended with (e. g. 0–2 mm graded) sand
• White
• Self-leveling
• Rapid setting
• For floors
• For indoor use
• Walkable: after approx. 3 hours
• Shrinkage-free
• Suitable for floor heating
• EC1PLUS (“extra-low-emission-plus”) rating under German EMICODE system

Technical Details for Sopro AFS 561 CA Levelling Compound

Coat Thickness 1 – 30 mm. For thickness upwards of 10 mm, may be extended by up to approx. 50 % of prepared compound volume with e.g. graded 0 – 2 mm sand.
Mixing Ratio (water only) 6.0 – 6.5 ltr water: 25 kg Sopro AFS 561.  Take care to ensure exact proportioning of water
Compressive Strength (after 28 days) Approx 25 N/mm2
Flexural tensile strength (after 28 days) Approx 7.5 N/mm2
Pot Life Approx. 40 minutes
Walkable After approx. 3 hours
Ready to receive floor covering For coat thicknesses up to 10 mm, after 24 – 36 hours. Before proceeding to lay floor finishes, CM measurement shall be performed to determine residual moisture. This shall be ≤ 0.5% CM for unheated floors and ≤ 0.3% CM for heated systems*
Specified times Apply for normal temperature range of +23 °C and 50 % relative humidity;  higher temperatures shorten and lower temperatures lengthen these times
Application Temperature From +5 °C to +25 °C (substrate, air, material)
Coverage Approx. 1.5 kg/m² per mm coat thickness
Castor chair resistance Suitable (for castors to EN 12 529) upwards of min. 2 mm coat thickness
Shelf Life Approx. 6 months, subject to storage on a pallet in dry conditions in original unopened  containers
Tools and equipment Mixing attachment, squeegee, finishing trowel, mixing pump (e. g. Putzknecht S 48 or Putzmeister G 78), spiked roller; wash tools with water immediately after use

Available in 25kg bags.

*As specified by ”Building trades co-ordination committee procedures for heated floor constructions”, February 2005 edition, issued by Bundesverband Flächenheizung und Flächenkühlungen e.V. (German Federal Surface Heating and Cooling Association), Hochstrasse 113 – 115, 58095 Hagen, Germany.