CLEAN WALL® – Internal Wall System – for REFURBISHMENT projects

CLEAN WALL® is a groundbreaking product system, unparalleled in the market, aimed at clients who seek holistic solutions for their new-build or refurbishment project. Co-ordinated components cover everything from priming and preparation to paints – delivering superior-quality stunningly beautiful internal and external wall finishes.


CLEAN WALL® – For beautiful, healthy living – now and into the future 

Thanks to a wide variety of wall coatings based on co-ordinated system components, CLEAN WALL® is suitable for both new-build and refurbishment projects. The required surface finish is achieved through the application of either a one-coat wall plaster or a combination of plaster undercoat and finish coat.

Product combinations for unbeatable performance 

All key CLEAN WALL® products include CASUL®, an innovative, high-tech mineral that eliminates the need for pollutant-bearing additives in primers, plasters, renders, and paints, while reliably protecting walls against mould and algae growth. The protective effect is enhanced through multi-layer application and product combinations in a system solution, producing walls with long-lasting appeal.

Key features of CASUL® include its high alkalinity and 45% water crystallization content which regulates moisture absorption from the surroundings. Given that mould, algae and fungus all require a damp, acidic environment, these two properties make CASUL® the ideal agent for preventing microbial growth. The CLEAN WALL® plasters, renders and paints produced with CASUL® thus prevent the creation of favourable conditions for microbial action. This, in turn, provides effective, long-term protection for both new and refurbished walls. Specifying CLEAN WALL® also means completely dispensing with the harmful additives normally used to guard against mould and algae.

Eco-friendly in every way

Naturally, if no pollutants are present, then nothing harmful can be released into the environment. The use of plasters, renders and paints incorporating CASUL® automatically rules out any potential problems with toxins leached from external walls or emitted from internal walls, such as those typically encountered with standard products. CASUL® thus excels by its ease of application and ecological performance, bringing considerable benefits for human and environmental safety.

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 Benefits of CLEAN WALL® – Healthy Living – Total System Solution

  • Free from harmful additives while remaining highly resistant to microorganisms
  • Positive impact on moisture balance in walls
  • Low-emission, hygienic, food-safe and free from health risks
  • No leaching of toxic substances from external walls
  • No health risks caused by VOC/formaldehyde emissions from internal and external walls
  • With individual components that complement each other and thereby magnify protection
  • CASUL® prevents the growth of mould, algae and fungus
  • Products contain no preservatives, biocides, algicides or fungicides making them suitable for allergy sufferers*


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CLEAN WALL® – Internal Wall System – REFURBISHMENT Product Solution

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* The label “suitable for allergy sufferers” does not guarantee across-the-board tolerance of the relevant product and may not be construed as certification of a complete absence of allergy risks. Given the diverse forms taken by allergies and the specific reactions of affected persons, PROVERO/REMONDIS shall under no circumstances accept liability for any possible intolerances.