Craft Design Architects | Polished screed floor using Sopro Rapidur® FE 678


Job: Craft Design Architect – London
Smet Supported Partner:
Hugo D’Enjoy Craft Design

David Morton Polishing

B Doherty Screeding Services

Product:  Sopro Rapidur® FE 678 Self Levelling Screed

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New floor installation with fast-track – rapid drying floor screed solution Sopro Rapidur® FE 678 Self Levelling Screed. This is a next generation pumpable, self-levelling screed- suitable for UFH – rapid drying – walkable in 3 hours – can be tiled in 24 hours – or grind and polish it to a visually appealing terrazzo/polished concrete style finish.

SMET supplied Sopro Rapidur® FE 678 Self Levelling Screed to Smet Supported Partner,  for the installation of a polished concrete look floor in London architects practice for Craft Design.  Expertly polished by David Morton Flooring Company, the result is a stunning, hard wearing industrial polished look.

Sopro Rapidur® FE 678 Self Levelling Screed is a polymer-modified, ready-to-use dry mix for production of rapid-set screeds screeds allowing early flooring installation. Grade CT-C25-F5 to DIN EN 13 813. Suitable for heated screeds, bonded screeds and unbonded screeds (on separating or insulation layer). Used as base for all types of floor covering, e. g. ceramic, natural stone, textile and elastic flooring. Particularly useful for fast-track or tightly scheduled screed laying.

SMET delivers another innovative, showcase designer flooring solution to their Smet Supported Partners.

Click link to see a show-case of jobs completed using Sopro Rapidur® FE 678 Self Levelling Screed.